Hangover Cures

With summertime BBQ's, vacations, camping, and other parties coming up, I am sure you will probably end up with a hangover one of these days and I thought I would try to help you when this happens!

Here is my go to list of things I would advise:

  1. Slowly get out of bed and have a HUGE glass of water, preferably add some gatorade to it.
  2. Pop some pain medicine, and heartburn medicine.
  3. Get out the yoga mat and do these hangover yoga poses. I've made a video for you to follow along to, check it out!

4.  Eat something. Your body is craving sugar because of all that sugar you drank, it is also craving vitamins! Try eating a healthy breakfast and have a little juice to give your body the sugar it wants.

5. If you still feel sick, sleep it off as long as you can.

6. There's always the hair of the dog! (This just gets you tipsy again and delays the hangover.)

7. Avoid getting the hangover in the first place by drinking water in between each drink and having a HUGE glass of water before you go to bed the night before.
REMEMBER, these are all just tips I have heard and researched, and this list is just my opinion of what works for me. If you have anything to add list it on the comments!! We could all use the help, especially with the hot dehydrating summertime coming!

Enjoy the tips and BE Healthy!
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