Father's Day Ideas

With Father's Day coming up Sunday (that's 6 days away!), I wanted to give you all some ideas for gifts! As always, if you have something fun that you do for your father, please add it on the comments.

A few years ago I decided to start a Father's Day tradition with my dad.  I always take him to a San Francisco Giant's game (since this is his favorite team). In the past, I have surprised him with tickets and told him to take a day off of work since I take him to a day game during the week. This makes it fun for both of us because we both get to have a day of baseball with our normal work off.  Now that he knows it is a tradition, I usually tell him in advanced what day we will be going to, but still surprise him with the location of the tickets. Here we are at one of the games, and stopping for some food/drinks after the game.
At the Giant's Game
Happy Hour After the Game- Bay Bridge in Background

I would personally recommend that you take your father somewhere special and spend time with him for Father's Day. Father's Day doesn't have to mean expensive gifts, but it does need to be heart-felt.

Some places you could go are:
  • wine-tasting
  • fishing
  • river-rafting (look on Groupon for deals)
  • camping
  • dinner

If you have a really busy schedule and are not able to take time out to do something, or if your father lives too far away, you can always make something for you father. Even if you just get creative and make a card, this is still better than a store-bought card.  Whatever you do, just don't forget about him on his day!!!

Enjoy and get planning!