Math Tip

Here is a tip I recently discovered from my mom, who is a math teacher! It can come in handy when trying to figure out discounts on clothes at the mall, or figuring out what to tip for a service. Some teachers don't even know this trick! Here goes:

Can you tell me what 17 % of 50 is? 

The easy way is to flip this equation around to what is 50% of 17? Which is very easy to do, half of 17 is 8.5. This means that 8.5 is also the answer to 17% of 50! 

You can do this with any percentage problem, just flip it around and the answer will be the same. To prove this to you, think about what is 10% of 100, 10 right? Well 100% of 10 is 10 as well. Get it? Hopefully this will come in handy for you one day!

With school being back in session I thought this would be a perfect post for this Monday :-)

Enjoy and be smart!

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